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How to Turn Off Roku With/ Without Remote



How to turn off Roku

Turning off your Roku device might not be easy and straightforward as turning on the device. Some of the latest models of the Roku device remote have no power button in them. Roku devices are designed in a way to stay on and consume little power without shutting down. However, if you’re wondering how to put your Roku device to sleep there are a few ways for different Roku models.

First and most obvious is pulling the plug out of the Roku device from the power outlet. If you’re using a Roku device powered by a USB port, turn off your TV, and it will automatically turn off your Roku device too.

How to Turn Off Roku Player

[1] Identify the cable that is connected to your Roku player. It is typically a thin black cable with a connector at one end.

[2] Access the Power Cable connected to the Power Source. The Power Source can be a power outlet on the wall or a power strip.

[3] Remove the Power Cable from the Power Source. It will cut the power supply off from your Roku player. Ensure that you firmly grasp the plug and avoid pulling on the cable itself.

Unplug the power source

[4] Check the Roku player or your TV screen to confirm that it has powered down.

How to Turn Off Roku Streaming Stick

To turn off your Roku lineup of devices, such as the Roku Stick:

1. Press the Power button on the Roku physical remote. This will turn off the Roku device.

Press Power Button to turn off Roku

2. Locate the port where the stick is plugged into the TV. Unplug Roku from the HDMI port to turn off the device on the whole. This way, you shall cut off the power to the device and effectively turn off the Roku device.

You can cut off the power of the Roku by turning down the TV and unplugging the Roku Streaming Stick. To use it again, connect the device again. You can re-connect the Roku back to the HDMI port and turn on the TV as the last step.

Roku device models, such as Roku Streaming Stick and Stick+, do not require an external power supply to run on your TV. You can connect your Roku device to your TV’s USB port to power up the device.

Therefore, you could unplug the Roku device from your TV in order to turn off your Roku Stick anytime. This way, you can turn off the Roku device without a remote.

Unplug the Roku Streaming Stick from TV

How to Turn Off Roku 4 Device

If you own a Roku 4 device, you can access the Roku Settings to power off the device with ease.

[1] Press the Home button on your remote control and access the Settings option.

[2] Then, scroll down and choose System.

Select the System option

[3] After that, locate the Power option from the screen.

[4] Now, click the Power Off button to turn off your Roku 4 device.

Additionally, you also provide the built-in Auto Power Off option on your Roku 4. With this, you can set the timer to turn off your Roku automatically.

How to Turn Off Roku TV

If you’re using Roku-powered Smart TVs like TCL, Hisense, Philips, and Onn, you can turn off your TV in two different ways.

Turn Off Roku TV Using Standby Mode

Unlike Roku streaming devices, you can put your Roku TVs into standby mode. Just fetch your Remote control. Long press the Power button located at the top right until your TV turns off. Press the Power button again to turn on your Roku with ease.

Turn Off Roku Using Power Settings

[1] Press the Home button on your Roku remote and navigate to the Settings menu.

[2] After that, select the System option.

[3] Navigate and select Power Auto Power Savings.

Click Power to turn off your Roku

[4] Finally, choose Turn Off After 4 Hours.

Now, your Roku device will turn off automatically after 4 consecutive hours.

How to Turn Off Roku Using Roku App

Additionally, you can also utilize the Official Roku app installed on your smartphone to turn off your Roku TV.

[1] Initially, connect both your Roku and smartphone to the same WiFi network.

[2] Install the Official Roku app via App Store or Play Store.

[3] Once installed, launch The Roku App and sign in with your Roku account.

[4] After signing in, click the Devices tab at the bottom.

[5] Now, select your Roku device from the nearby devices and pair it up.

[6] Once connected, click the Remote option to view the remote interface on your smartphone.

[7] Finally, click the Power option at the top right corner to turn off your Roku device.

Press the Power button to turn off your Roku


1. How to turn off voice on Roku?

To turn off the audio guide, press the Options button on your Roku remote quickly 4 times.

2. How to turn off my Roku Streambar?

You can turn off your Roku Streambar by unplugging it from the power source.

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