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How to Turn On Roku With/ Without Remote



How to turn on Roku

Did you take a day off to enjoy the streaming experience with Roku? Explore the vast collection of streaming apps with a unique and user-friendly interface by turning on your Roku device. Usually, turning on a device is the simplest task at any time including Roku. besides, you can also turn on your Roku device in multiple ways with or without using the remote control.

After setting up your Roku device, you must know the in and out of the device and use them effectively. The Roku device is programmed to turn it on automatically when connected to the power source. On the contrary, it doesn’t work on all Roku models. In those cases, you can follow the guide to turn on your device without breaking a sweat.

How to Turn On Roku Device

When you have unplugged the Roku device from the Power Source to turn it off, you have to connect it back. The Roku device turns itself ON once you connect the device to the Power Source.

Usually, the Roku device will be connected to the Power Source through Power Adapter. You can also connect the Roku device to your TV for Power Source through a USB port.

Connect Roku to TV to turn On

The process of unplugging and plugging back in the Roku device also refers to the Power Restart of the Roku device. In Power Restart, you have to rest aside the Roku device for some time before Plugging it into the TV.

How to Turn On Roku TV/ Stick Without Remote

You can be in a situation of your Roku remote is missing or broken or not working properly. In such cases, you have to find alternative solutions to turn on your Roku device. There are multiple methods available to turn on the Roku device without a remote.

How to Turn On Roku TV/ Stick using The Roku App

The Roku App is the best alter ego for Roku remote. It can control the TV in more effective ways since it includes all controls that are available on the Remote. Apart from this, you can access the available channels and connected devices in this app. You can get this app for free from the Play Store and App Store.

When you want to power on your Roku device, you can launch The Roku App and go to the Remote tab. Select the Power button to turn on the device. In case there is no power button, you can long press the Home button to turn on the device.

Long Press Home button

How to Turn On Roku TV with Power Button

Roku TVs have physical buttons at the back or bottom of the TV. You can utilize this Power button to turn on your Roku TV without a remote. The placement of the Power button varies based on the manufacturer. You may have them at the bottom center of the TV, right or left back side of the TV.

The Power button will be indicated with an I/O icon. You have to press it once to turn on your TV. For some TVs, you have to long-press the Power button till a light flashes to power the device.

How to Turn On Roku using Amazon Alexa

By leveraging Amazon Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, you can turn on the device through the Roku Skill for Alexa. However, please note that this skill is compatible only in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Latin America (excluding Brazil)
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Mexico
  • Germany
  • Ireland

To set up and activate this functionality, follow these steps:

1. Download the Alexa app on your Android or iOS device.

2. Launch the app and tap on the three horizontal line menus at the bottom.

Select More option in Alexa app

3. Select Skills and Games from the menu and type Roku in the search bar,

4. Tap on Launch to enable the Roku Skill for Alexa.

5. Sign in with your Roku account and choose the Roku devices you want to control with Alexa from a list of all your Roku devices.

6. The Alexa app will search for nearby Roku devices. For optimal results, ensure that your Roku TV is powered on.

7. Select your Roku TV in the Alexa app and tap Continue.

8. Choose your Alexa-enabled speaker or device.

9. Finally, tap on Link Device. You can now use voice commands with your Alexa device to control your Roku TV.

Apart from this, you can connect your Roku device to the PS4 console and Nintendo Switch for streaming. While connecting to them, you can use the console controller to turn on your Roku device.

How to Turn On Roku Device With Remote

Roku device comes with a Remote for better control and quick navigation. The Power button is available separately on Roku Voice Remote to turn on your Roku device instantly.

Press Power button to Turn on Roku

When you have Roku 4 device, you have to long-press the Home button on the remote to turn it on.


1. Why is my Roku not turning on?

It might be due to the improper Power cable connection or connection to the TV HDMI source. Make sure you connect the device properly to both the Power source and TV input. Also, check the TV input source is selected properly.

2. Does Roku have a power button?

In general, the Roku device doesn’t have a Power button to turn it on. It will be powered on once it is connected to the Power source.

3. How to turn off a Roku device?

You can turn off your Roku device just by removing the Power cable. Also, you can use the Power button on the remote and enable the Auto Power Off option in the Roku settings.

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