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How to Update Apps on Roku to Use the Latest Version



How to update apps on Roku

Keeping the apps up-to-date is mandatory for all streaming devices including the Roku Streaming Stick. By updating the app frequently, you can get security patches that help in resolving technical glitches and bugs to improve the streaming experience. However, it is essential to update the app even though you’ve updated the Roku firmware to its latest version.

Whenever you install an app on your Roku device, you will get the latest version of it from the developer’s end. So, It is vital to update the app at regular intervals to use the latest features or fix issues with the previous version. Follow this guide to update your Roku apps within seconds to enjoy your streaming seamlessly.

How to Update Apps on Roku Device

1. Turn on your Roku device and press the Home button on the remote to navigate to Roku Home Screen.

Go to Roku Home screen

2. Use the Roku remote to move the selection box to the channel application you want to update. The selection box should highlight the app.

3. Press the (*) button on the Roku remote. This button will unlock additional options for the selected app.

Press * button on Roku remote to update apps

4. Scroll down using the Roku remote to navigate through the available options, and select the Check for Updates option.

Select Check for updates to update apps on Roku

5. If a new update is available for the selected app, you can see the prompt for Update availability. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the channel app.

6. After selecting Check for Updates, you will see a prompt on the screen stating (Channel Name) is up to date. It refers to the app being updated already, and you can continue your streaming.

How to Update Apps on Roku from The Roku App

Apart from the above method, you can also update the apps on your Roku device using The Roku App.

`1. Firstly, go to the respective app store of your handheld device i.e., Google Play Store on Android OS phone/tablet and Apple App Store on iPhone/iPad.

2. Look for The Roku App and get it installed on your smartphone.

3. Launch The Roku App on your Smart Phone and sign in with your Roku account credentials.

Sign in to your account

4. Now, go to the home screen on the Roku app and select the Devices option.

Select Devices

5. From the list of devices, choose your Roku device.

Connect to your Roku device to update apps

6. Select the Channels option on the device page, where all the channel apps added to Roku will be displayed.

7. Locate and select the channel app you want to update from the list of available channel apps.

8. Check for the Update option within the app interface upon launching. It will usually be available under Settings, Options, or a dedicated update section, depending on the app.

9. Select the Update option, which will initiate the update for the channel.

10. Follow the screen instructions further to complete the app update.

Repeat the steps to update any Roku channel using the Roku Mobile app. Now, you can update any specific app on your Roku device, either using The Roku App or on the device itself. Roku usually performs automatic updates for software and apps. You can update the Roku device software, which will update all apps on the device. To update the Roku device, press the Home button on the remote and navigate to Settings → System System update Check Now. Select Update Now to update the device to the latest firmware.


1. Does Roku update apps automatically?

Yes. Roku will check for updates to the device software and installed apps every 24-36 hours. It also updates the device whenever it is powered ON.

2. Does updating the firmware update apps on Roku too?

Yes. After updating the Roku firmware, the channels in your Roku device will also get updated.

3. How to update all apps on Roku?

If you want to update all apps on your Roku device in one go, then you have to update the Roku device to the latest firmware. In most cases, the Roku device updates all available apps along with the software update.

4. How to check for app updates on Roku?

You can check for updates for any app on your Roku device by selecting the app on the Roku home screen. Press the * button on the remote and select Check for Updates to know the update available for the app.

5. How to update apps on Roku without a remote?

Install the Roku app on your smartphone and log in with your Roku credentials to update apps on Roku without remote

6. Why can’t I update apps on my Roku?

If you’re facing issues with updating the apps, you can proceed with a simple restart on your Roku.

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