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How to Fix Spectrum TV Not Working on Roku



Spectrum TV not working on Roku

There are various reasons present when you face issues while streaming Spectrum TV on Roku. However, encountering issues where Spectrum TV fails to open or function properly on Roku can be frustrating. In this article, we have explored the common reasons behind Spectrum TV not working on Roku and presented you with effective solutions to help you resolve the issue. You can follow the below troubleshooting guide made by our experts to resolve the Spectrum TV issue on your Roku device.

Spectrum TV Not working on Roku: Basic to Advanced Troubleshooting

Try the below-mentioned solutions one after another. If a solution fails to fix the issue, move on to the next one.

Check Internet Speed

Spectrum TV on Roku requires a stable internet/WiFi connection for an uninterrupted streaming experience. When you find Spectrum TV not working or loading, you must check for the internet speed.

  • To check internet speed on Roku: Press the Home button on the remote → Select Settings → Choose Network → Select About.
  • Check for the Internet Speed and Signal Strength. If they are low, you may find streaming issues.

So, ensure to use WiFi or internet with high speed on Roku to fix the Spectrum TV not working issue.

Make the internet speed test

You can even disable and enable the WiFi connection and check if the internet speed gets better.

Restart WiFi Router

When the internet connection speed drops, there may be an issue with the WiFi router, and it may be the cause of Spectrum TV not working on Roku properly. In such a case, Roku users shall restart or power cycle their WiFi router.

  • To restart the router: Unplug the ethernet cable from the modem and plug it back in after 2-3 minutes.

Check if Spectrum TV is working on Roku TV without buffering or loading issues.

Use a Different WiFi

Try connecting your Roku device to a different WiFi and check if you can use Spectrum TV without any issues. If the issue persists, the problem is with the device and not with the WiFi connection or router. So, you shall try out the fixes related to the device and check if the Spectrum TV Not Working is resolved.

Restart Spectrum TV App

Restarting the app will reboot the Spectrum TV app for a fresh start. It will resolve the temporary bugs and glitches in the app.

To restart Spectrum TV: Press the Home button on the remote → move to the Spectrum TV Max app among available channels → Press the * button → Select Close → Choose the Spectrum TV app to open again.

It will also force close the app whenever you cannot access any options in the app.

Spectrum TV Server Down

The server down is a common issue among streaming apps. There is no best fix available for the server-down issue unless it is solved by the creators. You can probably check whether the site is stable or not. Downdetector is an effective site for finding the working status of any site. You can visit the Downdetector website to verify the server-down issue of Spectrum TV.

If there is any server issue, you have to wait for some time to resolve the condition.

Unblock Geo-Restriction

Spectrum TV streaming is restricted to certain countries. You can use the VPN to bypass the geo-restriction of Spectrum TV. It is advisable to go for Premium VPNs for stable connectivity.

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Relogin to Spectrum TV on Roku

When the issue is with the Spectrum TV user account, log out of your account on Roku. Re-login and check if you can watch Spectrum TV on Roku TV Stick. If the issue doesn’t resolve, you may need to check other fixes to resolve Spectrum TV not working.

Subscription Expired

The Spectrum TV app may not work on your Roku device due to an expired subscription. So, check if the Spectrum TV subscription is active. If it isn’t active, you should renew to the premium plan of Spectrum TV from the website. Then, check if you can access Paramount Plus on Roku.

Update Spectrum TV App

The outdated firmware could be the reason for Spectrum TV not working on Roku TV. It is necessary to update the streaming apps on Roku at regular intervals.

  • To Update Spectrum TV: Go to Channels on Roku → Select Spectrum TV → Press * button on Roku remote → Choose Check for Updates  → Update the app if the update is available.

Uninstall and Reinstall Spectrum TV

Installation error could be the reason for the app not working or loading. It is better to uninstall the app on your Roku device and install the app again from the Roku Channel Store.

  • To Uninstall Spectrum TV: Select Spectrum TV on the Home screen → Press the * button on Roku remote → Select Remove Channel to uninstall.
  • To Reinstall Spectrum TV: Go to Roku Channel Store → Search for Spectrum TV → Select Add Channel to reinstall.

Device Compatibility

The Spectrum TV service is only compatible with certain Roku models. Visit this support page to find the compatibility. You can’t download the Spectrum TV app if you have an incompatible model. You can find the model number of Roku on the back side of the device. If not, you can find it on the device by navigating to HomeSettingsSystemAbout.

When your device is incompatible, replace it with the compatible one and easily access the Spectrum TV app. If it is compatible, move to the next solution.

Clear Cache on Roku

When the cache files of Spectrum TV become corrupted, the application may not work properly on Roku. In that situation, you need to clear them from your device. Unfortunately, you can’t clear the cache on Roku for a specific app. So, you need to clear them for the entire device.

To clear the cache files on Roku,

  • Head to the Home menu on your Roku by tapping the Home button on the remote.
  • Press the following keys on your remote in order.
    • Home button – 5 times
    • Up button – Once
    • Rewin button – 2 times
    • Fast forward – 2 times
  • Wait for Roku to restart. Then relaunch the app to check whether the issue is fixed.

Try the next solution if the issue is unresolved after clearing the cache file.

Restart Roku

Restarting the Roku TV/streaming device is one of the simple solutions to fix the temporary issues associated with Spectrum TV and other apps installed on the device. To restart the device,

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Choose Settings and select the System menu.
  • Now, select System Restart on the right-hand side.
  • Click on Restart.
Reboot Roku TV when Spectrum TV is not working

If you had any issues with accessing the settings menu, force restart the Roku device by unplugging the power cable from the source and then connecting it back after a few minutes.

Update Roku

Using outdated firmware on your Roku device is another reason behind Spectrum TV not working properly. So checking the device for regular updates is essential to use the installed apps without any issues. Updating the Roku device also updates the app installed on the device.

  • Press the Home button on your remote.
  • Go to SettingsSystem.
  • Select System Update and tap on Check Now.
  • Choose Update Now and wait for the device to install the latest firmware.
Upgrade Roku TV

After updating the firmware, launch the Spectrum TV app and check whether it works properly. If it fails to work again, try resetting the firmware on Roku.

Reset Roku Firmware

Resetting the Roku TV is the final solution to fix the Spectrum TV app not working issue. Please note that the firmware reset will remove the installed apps and data from the device.

  • On the home screen of Roku TV, tap on the Settings menu.
  • Go to SystemAdvanced system settingsFactory reset.
  • Confirm the reset and wait for the process to complete.
Reset Roku TV when Spectrum TV is not working

After resetting, set up your Roku device from scratch and install the Spectrum TV app again to use it without any issues.

Customer Support

When none of the above-discussed workarounds helps in fixing up the Spectrum TV not working on Roku, you shall reach out the customer support for help. You can contact them via live chat and ask for assistance on their support website. They will help resolve the issue with technical assistance.

Spectrum TV Common Error Codes for Roku

Error CodeDescriptionSolution
RLP-1025, RVP-1025 & RCD-1025– Outdated Roku firmware
– Outdated Spectrum app
– Update the Spectrum TV channel.
– Update the Roku firmware.
RGE-1001 Unavailability of serviceEnsure to connect your Roku device to a standard WiFi network.
RGU-1007Information unavailableRestart the Spectrum TV app.
RLP-1035 Program unavailableRestart the Spectrum channel
RCH-1000 – Unavailability of program
– Poor internet connection
– Check the internet connection.
– Use the search feature to search the channel.
RLP-999 – Temporary glitches
– Unable to complete the request
Restart te Spectrum app on your Roku TV.
RLP-1001 Playback errorsClose the Spectrum app and try again.
RLP-1006 – Playback errors
– Network issues
Make sure to connect your Roku to a stable internet connection.
RLI-1017Issues regarding your Roku device– Restart your Roku Stick.
– Reset the Roku TV.
RLI-1027 – Denied access
– Unstable WiFi network
Ensure the internet connection is stable.
RLI-1301Incorrect passwordReset your Roku password.
RBF-2104 Unable to verify the subscriptionIssues with completing te request.
RLP-1037Unavailable networkCheck the networks settings and try again.
RLP-999Issues with completing the request– Restart your Roku device.
– Check the internet connection.

Try the Alternatives

If you find no solution to resolve Spectrum TV not working on Roku TV, you shall look for better alternatives for an endless streaming experience.

PlatformsPriceFree TrialInstallation Guide
Hulu + Live TVStarts at $69.99Hulu on Roku
Paramount+Starts at $4.997 daysParamount Plus on Roku
PBSStarts at $4.99PBS on Roku


1. Why is Spectrum TV stuck on the loading screen on Roku?

Spectrum TV might get stuck on the loading screen when there is a slow internet speed, compatibility issues, cache corruption, and server issues. Check the internet connection or clear the cache files to fix the issue.

2. Why can’t I find Spectrum TV on Roku?

If your Roku firmware is outdated, you can’t stream Spectrum TV on your device due to incompatibility. Try updating the Roku device to the latest firmware and install the app.

3. Why is Spectrum TV subtitles not working on my Roku TV?

Though Spectrum TV has an Audio & Subtitle feature, you must have enabled the closed captions on Roku settings to generate subtitles. The subtitles don’t work if you haven’t enabled closed captions on a Roku device.

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