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How to Install and Activate YouTube TV on Roku



How to Install and Activate YouTube TV on Roku

If you’re looking for a live TV provider service for your Roku, YouTube TV is one of the best providers. It is officially available for Roku devices and you can now install the app to your Roku streaming device from the Channel Store. Once you activate the channel on your streaming device, you can watch over 100+ live TV channels and over thousands of on-demand titles. With the base plan subscription, you also get unlimited DVR recording storage to record and watch your favorite content whenever you want.

With a single subscription, you can create 6 different profiles to get a tailored streaming experience. Finally, you can cancel anytime without being struck into a long-term contract with an optical cable TV provider.

Subscription Plans – YouTube TV

YouTube TV gives a free trial period from 2 to 21 days. You can use the free trial to unlock various YouTube features such as recording the content you want to watch later, and multiple language subtitles.

YouTube TV$72.99
Spanish Plan$34.99

How to Sign Up for YouTube TV

1. Click here to go to the official website of YouTube TV on your PC or phone.

Homepage of YouTube TV.

2. Click the Try it Free button on the pop-up window. Remember, the free trial service is only applicable to first-time subscribers.

3. Choose the Base Subscription Plan based on your preferences

4. Select Sign Up for YouTube TV and provide the basic details on the YouTube TV website.

5. Select the Payment option and complete the sign-up process.

How to Install YouTube TV on Roku

YouTube TV requires a strong internet connection to stream movies, shows, and other available content. So ensure that your Roku Streaming Stick is connected to strong WiFi for seamless streaming.

1. Go to the Roku home screen and select the Search option.

2. Enter YouTube TV in the search and choose the app in the Channel Store.

3. Click Add Channel button.

YouTube TV on Roku

4. Select OK in the prompt and click the Go to Channel button to launch the YouTube TV app.

How to Install YouTube TV from Roku Website

You can also add a channel on Roku by using a web browser on your PC or smartphone. For this, you need to sign in with the account that you have used to set up the Roku Stick.

1. Launch a web browser on your PC or Smartphone and visit the Roku website.

2. Log in to your account and search for YouTube TV.

3. Select Add Channel to download the app on your Roku device.

YouTube TV on Roku

4. Go to the Roku device and look for YouTube TV to launch for streaming.

Note – If you can’t find the channel, head to the device settings and update the Roku firmware to get the channel immediately.

How to Activate YouTube TV on Roku []

Like Pluto TV on Roku, you should encounter the activation process here also.

1. Select Sign In to receive the Activation Code.

2. Launch any web browser on your PC/ smartphone and visit YouTube TV’s Activation Site (

3. Provide the Activation Code on the website.

YouTube TV activation code.

4. Select Continue and log in to your account.

5. Wait for a few seconds, and the YouTube TV app on Roku will display the media content for streaming with a channel guide.

How to Screen Mirror YouTube TV on Roku from Android

Apart from installing the app on Roku, you can also screen mirror the app using your smartphone. To do so,

  • Connect the Android device and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku: Settings SystemScreen MirroringScreen Mirroring ModeAlways Allow.

1. Install YouTube TV from Play Store and launch the app.

2. Log in to your YouTube TV account and move to the Notification Panel.

3. Select the Cast option for screen mirroring and choose the Roku device.

Screen Cast option on Android device.

4. After connecting to the Roku Express device, you can find any media content using voice commands on YouTube TV and watch it.

How to AirPlay YouTube TV on Roku

Airplay is only compatible with the latest models of Roku. Visit this support page to find out whether your Roku device is compatible with Airplay or not.

  • Connect the iOS device and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Enable AirPlay on Roku Stick: SettingsApple AirPlay and HomekitSettingsAirPlayTurn On.

1. Get YouTube TV from App Store and open the app.

2. Sign in to your account and select the content for streaming.

3. Play a title you want and look for the AirPlay icon on the media player.

AirPlay icon on iOS device.

4. Select your Roku device name, and the media will play on your Roku immediately.

Is YouTube TV Geo-restricted

Yes, the YouTube TV app is available only in the USA. To stream YouTube TV video content outside the USA, you need to use powerful VPNs to bypass the geo-restriction.

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1. Is YouTube TV available on Roku?

Yes. You can install the Youtube TV app right from the Roku Channel Store.

2. Does YouTube TV have 5.1 audio on Roku?

Yes, it allows you to enjoy 5.1 surrounding sound on Roku and some other streaming players.

3. Can Roku allow you to enable close captioning on YouTube TV?

Play a video on YouTube TV → Press Asterisk (*) button → Select Closed Captioning → Turn it on/off

4. How to cancel a YouTube TV subscription on Roku?

You have three ways to perform the task. They are;
1. Using a Roku device.
2. Using the Roku website.
3. Through the YouTube TV website.

How to fix YouTube TV not working or loading on Roku devices?

If YouTube TV is not working on Roku, try the fixes given below.
1. Verify your internet connectivity and run a speed test.
2. Restart your router and modem.
3. Try using an Ethernet connection if available.
4. Clear Roku’s cache.

Does Roku allow you to stream YouTube TV in Mosaic Mode?

No, it doesn’t support Mosaic Mode for streaming YouTube TV.

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