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Showbox for iPhone – Download Showbox App on iPhone without Jailbreak



Showbox for iPhone

Showbox is an excellent app for streaming movies and TV Shows. It works similar to Netflix, but the primary advantage of the Showbox is that you don’t have to pay for it. Showbox is primarily developed for Android devices, but considering the popularity of the iPhone, it was made available for iPhone too. The iOS-compatible version of Showbox works on both iPhone and iPad. Showbox for iPhone works well with the jailbroken iPhones. It also works well with the jailbroken iPads. The iPhones and iPads are genuinely a sequence of online and multimedia-enabled smartphones initiated and developed by Apple Inc. Since the development of these versatile phones, people are using them for a different range of purposes and extensive features and attributes of these phones have enabled to access plenty of multitasking and productive applications from the iTunes app store.

Showbox for iPhone

People who belong to any profession or occupation are utilizing iPhones and iPads to manage and administer their work. iPhone and iPad can be a transportable media player, translator, camcorder, and asocial media center along with several other features including gaming, emailing, internet surfing voice mailing, and many more. Besides these tremendous qualities of these smartphones, iPhone and iPad can also be enhanced by some third-party applications which can be downloaded and installed. Likewise, the Showbox for iPad is an application that comes under the entertainment category. It enables users to access an enormous range of multimedia features, that include Movies, videos, and renowned TV serials for free. Showbox for iPad is one of the top entertainment app, where the users can find ultimate ways to get themselves entertained and amused. The application is packed with various features and attributes with the remarkable design, easy navigational approach to search multimedia items, regular updates, stunning graphical design, favorite movies, and TV Shows. It also provides you with movie downloading, streaming, sharing, and many more.

How to Install Showbox on iPhone/iPad?

Showbox is not available in iTunes. But you can use the downloader and install it another way. For this, you will need the Windows PC and be able to connect your iPhone to it through USB. It does not work on Mac. It is a simple method and doesn’t need to jailbreak your iOS device. You are doing to use vShare freeware here.

Method #1

You need to perform some part of this process on a Windows PC.

Here are the requirements:

  • Windows PC
  • iPhone or iPad
  • USB Cable
  • Internet connection

You can’t do this on Mac PC, that’s why a Windows laptop is required. You can even use your friend’s computer/Laptop to complete this process

Step 1: To Get the Showbox movies app, you need to install the vShare software on your PC. Open the browser on your laptop and visit to download the software.

Step 2: Once you do that, it will automatically beings downloading and will be finished in a few minutes.

Step 3: Then, install the freeware on your Windows PC.

Vshare helper
Install Vshare helper

Step 4: After completing the installation, just connect your iPhone to PC and “Trust this Computer.” By doing that, you can see the following screen.

Vshare helper on iOS

Step 5: Now, the iOS version of the vShare app will automatically be installed on your iPhone.

Showbox for iPhone

Step 6: Open vShare on your iPhone and then search for “Movie Box.”Install the app.

Showbox for iPhone

Step 7: Now, go to settings > General > Device Management. Choose the ENTERPRISE APP.

Showbox for iPhone

Step 8: When you click it, it asks you “Trust” or “Cancel” Simply hit Trust.

Showbox for iPhone

Step 9: Now Showbox will be added to your menu of applications. Now you can watch anything you wish on the Showbox also known as Movie Box.

Showbox for iPhone

This is how you can get Showbox for iPhone 5,6,7 and other iPhone models without Jailbreak.

Method #2

In this method, you don’t need any PC, So that you can install it on your iPhone itself.

Step 1: Just go to this URL ( ) on your iPhone

Step 2: Click on the yellowish “Install onto your iDevice” button.

Showbox for iPhone

Step 3: It will display a window like this, tap on “Install” and enter the Passcode.

Install Emus4u

Step 4: Click one again to Install. Then the profile will be installed.

Step 5: Open Emus4u, find Movie Box and click on “Install.”‘

Install Moviebox

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Step 6: You need to trust this application, you can do this by getting into Settings > General > Device Management. Chose the ENTERPRISE APP and hit TRUST.

Step 7: Now open the app and enjoy.

These two methods given here will work to get Showbox on iPhone without Jailbreak.

Thank you for reading this post.