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Slick TV Download | How to Install Slick TV App on Android, iOS & PC?



Slick TV Download

Slick TV Download: Slick TV is a feature-rich application, that lets you watch a wide range of TV channels from all around the world for free. You don’t need to pay any subscription fee to watch your beloved channels anymore. StickTV provides you with plenty of movies, TV Shows, News, Shows, Kids programmes, Events, Sports and many more. There is no external player is required to play the live TV on this app. This application contains more than 1000 channels from various countries all over the globe. You can stream Live TV on your smartphone for free. There are plenty of applications available on the market that enables you to stream thousands of movies and TV shows. But there are only a few applications, that enables you to stream Live TV. With Slick TV you can watch TV channels live anywhere at any time.

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

SlickTV provides all these features for free of cost, while many other applications may charge you a lot of money. So that you don’t have to worry about money or your kid and wife changing the TV channels. Just download and install the SlickTV on your Phone and start watching your favourite shows without any hassle. You can stream an unlimited number of TV Shows. The cool feature of this application is that all the videos can be streamed in the Full HD 1080p quality. The interface of the SlickTV is very simple and easy to use than many other similar applications. Due to Slick TV, you can enjoy all your favourite TV shows, no matter wherever you are, you can stream the shows anywhere you go. Subscription is not required for using this service.

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Slick TV Apk

Slick TV for Android is not available on the Google Play Store. So that you can get the application in other third party websites. Plenty of people use other popular media players like Kodi, which requires add-ons to get access to the TV Shows and movies. Some of these add-ons are unreliable, can be taken offline without any warning and can be usually critical to use and install. Slick TV Android Apk is slightly similar to that, except that it is available as the direct app installation, meaning that you don’t need any additional software for using this.

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

From a functionality perspective, once it is installed you can get the app, that instantly provides you with an access to a huge array of live TV experiences from the countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and many other areas around the world. With this app, you can get easy-to-use, simple to understand and functional interface that separates away any complexity to provide you with the instant access to all of the content that you wanted to access through this app. Downloading Slick TV for Android can be easily downloaded, If you are an Android user then it can be easily downloaded.

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How to Download Slick TV for Android? | Slick TV Download

Just follow the steps given below to install the Slick TV on your Android device.

Step 1: First, download the Slick TV app for Android, You can get the app from various third-party websites.

Step 2: Before installing the application, you should enable the ‘Unknown Sources‘.

Step 3: Go to Settings and Check on the ‘Allow Installation from Unknown Sources‘.

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

Step 4: Now just tap on the downloaded Slick TV Apk file.

Step 5: Now you can see the ‘Install‘ and ‘Cancel‘ button, Simply tap on the Install button.

Step 6: Then the application will be installed on your Android device.

Step 7: Once the app gets installed, launch the app and enjoy streaming your favourite channels.

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Slick TV iOS | Slick TV Download

Slick TV app is primarily designed for iOS devices, that enables you to stream plenty of TV channels from all around the world for free. Slick TV doesn’t require any subscription fee to stream your favourite channels. You can watch plenty of things on Slick TV including Movies, Shows, News, Kids Programmes, TV Episodes, Sports, events, etc., There is no external player is required to play live TV on this app. This application supports all the iOS devices running on iOS 9 and above.

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

 Slick TV iOS 11 can also stream the content very smoothly. Slick TV iOS app is very well optimized for the latest iOS devices running on the iOS 12, iOS 11 and iOS 10. The app contains more than 1000 channels from different countries all countries around the world. Many other similar applications will charge you a lot of money for streaming your favourite contents. The interface of the application is simple and easy to use than many other video streaming apps.

How to Download Slick TV iOS for your iPhone / iPad?

Slick TV for iPhone doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device. You have to install the application through the third party source called TweakBox. This application works pretty well so far. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1: First Open the Safari browser on your iOS device and go to
Step 2: Just make sure that you do not use any other browsers apart from Safari as the download will not work.
Step 3: An ad popup covering the entire screen may appear. Press X to close it up.
Step 4: Select apps Tab on the top of the screen.
Step 5: Scroll down a little and search for the tweakboxapp option

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

Step 6: Scroll down below the screen and choose slick TV and tap on install in the next screen.

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

Step 7: Now the popup appears to confirm the Slick TV installation process.

After the application has been installed, you need to ensure that the untrusted enterprise developer error message has been resolved. To fix the setup follow the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open settings on your iPhone.
Step 2: Scroll down and tap on general.
Step 3: Then tap on the device manager.
Step 4: Tap on slick TV profile.
Step 5: Trust the profile by selecting on to it on the subsequent screen.
Step 6: Just tap on Trust and a popup appears.
Step 7: Now go back and run the application.

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Slick TV PC | Slick TV Download

Slick TV PC provides a High-Quality video streaming at 24/7 without any buffering issues. Slick TV App Download is one of the most featured Live TV Streaming app, that also enables you to watch the already streamed stuff such as Movies, Series, Serials and many more. You can download the Slick TV App for iOS much easily, but downloading it on the Windows and Mac is not that easy. But you can download Slick TV PC easily with the help of this guideline.

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

Slick TV is not just an app, which hosts the content from various servers and streams whenever the user tries. It is more of an Individual network where you can get access to everything right from the Slick TV to other server’s content. Slick TV Download provides the HD Live Streaming for 24/7 without any interruptions so that you can easily watch all your favourite shows and movies at anytime you want. The application also has a variety of channels in which all of them are highly categorized Live and Scheduled channels. It has ten different categories with more than 140 channels.

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How to install Slick TV on PC?

Many of you may aware that the Android applications can be installed easily on Windows and Mac computer, But the Slick TV is not an Android app and you cannot follow the process of installing the Android app and games on PC. But you can easily install it using iOS with the help of iOS Emulators for PC. just follow the steps given below to install the Slick TV on your computer.

Step 1: First Download the iPadian iOS Emulator for Windows or Mac Personal Computer/Laptops and install it carefully.

Step 2: Then open up the iPadian or iPadian 2 on your Windows computer.

Step 3: Then open the web browser, copy and paste this link “” without quotes and press enter.

Step 4: Now you will be directed to the source page of the Slick TV App Download and there you need to click “Install”.

Slick TV
Slick TV Download

Step 5: Then the installation will take place and as the result, you will get the pop up asking you to authorize the installation.

Step 6: Then just follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process. Once the installation gets finished, you can get access to thousands of Free Movies, and hundreds of Free Live TV channels.

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Slick TV Channels

Slick TV provides you with plenty of channels, you can access a wide range of channels through Slick TV App. It lets you stream thousands of movies and hundreds of TV Shows smoothly on your device. The channels provided by the application very high in quality which are categorized Live and Scheduled channels. Slick TV has ten different categories with more than 140 channels. The categories include Sports, Lifestyle, and Kids. When you open the app, it provides you with a variety of channels. Some of the most popular channels of Slick TV are given below:

Slick TV
Slick TV
  • Sky Sports
  • Fox Sports
  • Box Nation
  • Comedy Central
  • MTV
  • Discovery Channel
  • Disney Channel and many more.

Slick TV Not Working

Slick TV is one of the best and highly used app, that lets you stream all your favourite movies from a wide range of channels. You can also watch hundreds of TV Shows on Slick TV smoothly. Sometime Slick TV may not work, to solve this issue just follow the steps given below.

  • Slick TV may crash and lag due to some bugs and errors, to resolve this issue just update the app and launch again.
  • Sometime the errors may occur due to the storage bugs, Just clear the cache data of the app and then relaunch the app to get rid of this issue.
  • If there are some errors in the application itself simply uninstall the application and then reinstall it to solve this.

Slick TV Alternatives

Slick TV is one of the best and highly featured applications that can be used for watching all the favourite Movies, Channels, Shows etc., But the Slick TV itself has some alternatives, that you can use instead of Slick TV in various cases.


AeroTV currently has less limited in TV networks and channels. Currently, they have sports channels including beIN SPORTS, SkySports, and many others. If you are not into kids channels, the Aero-TV may be a perfect choice for you. You can watch the Disney Channel, CN (Cartoon Network), Disney Junior, and Nickelodeon.


For News and Movies, the AeroTV provides Fox News, CNN, Comedy Central, HBO, The CW, AMC, TNT, and the list goes on. You can explore it for yourself by downloading and using the app.

Live Wire

Live Wire
Live Wire

Live Wire provides mostly Sky Sports Channels. In addition to sports, this app also has the Discovery channel, Sky Movies Premiere, Sky One, and SyFy. It is the best choice for Sky Networks fans. As for customization and settings, you can change the theme of the Live Wire, and changing the primary colour that you like best. You can even purchase the Live Wire Plus, which is a subscription-based model that provides you with the free support and updates from the developer.

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