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How To Download and Install Stremio On Firestick [2023]



Stremio Firestick

Stremio doesn’t have an official app on Amazon Store. But Stremio has an application for Firestick and you have to install it from their official site using the Downloader app. With Stremio on Firestick, you can stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and much more on your TV. It has an easy-to-use interface with plenty of content from its library. Stremio also supports 4K HDR as well. In this article, let us discuss how to install Stremio on Firestick.

How to Access Stremio on Firestick Using Silk Browser

You can watch Stremio content on Firestick using the Silk browser with simple steps.

1. Launch the Silk Browser on the Firestick

2. Visit the official website of Stremio on your browser.

Netflix on Firestick : Official website of Stremio

3. Complete the Sign-in process using the credentials.

4. Select your favorite content to watch on Fire TV.

5. Choose the required streaming source.

6. Buy a subscription to the required streaming source.

Netflix on Firestick : Select Streaming source

7. You can use the external player to watch the Stremio content on your TV.

How To Install Stremio On Firestick?

Step 1: Launch Firestick and Open Settings

First, plug all the necessary cables of your television and HDMI cables with your Firestick device. Turn on the power supply and launch the Firestick. Then, navigate to settings with the help of your Firestick remote. 

Step 2: Navigate to Device

Just navigate to the device settings of the Firestick remote. You can see a window like this.

Stremio Firestick

Step 3: Select Developer options

The Device setting of the Firestick contains multiple options but you need to select the Developer options to perform some important changes. Us.

Step 4: Turn ON Allow apps from Unknown Sources

Now, you need to turn on the Allow apps from the Unknown Sources option with the help of your Firestick remote button. These are the necessary steps to install any applications on the Firestick device. 

Step 5: Select the Search option

Go back to the Firestick Home from the top navigation of the Firestick, and select the search option. Now, type the downloader in the search bar. 

For detailed steps to Install Downloader on the Firestick click here.

Step 6: Select the Download button

When you type the downloader in the search option, you can see this Downloader app in the search result. Now, you have to download this app on your Amazon Firestick

Step 7: Open the Downloader App on Firestick

Now, you can easily open the Downloader app by simply clicking the option that is given below. You can go to Firestick home> Apps> then Downloader.

Step 8: Type the following URL

Now open the download app on the Firestick, enter the following URL, and select the Go option to download the Stremio on your Firestick directly. URL-

Step 9: Install Stremio on firestick

Now, hit the install button to continue to install the Stremio app on your Amazon Firestick.

Step 10: Select Open

Now, you can directly launch the Stremio app by simply clicking on the Open Button, which appears on your screen. 

Stremio is installed on Firestick

Now, you have successfully installed Stremio on your Firestick. You can easily enjoy all the features that are offered by the Stremio app. There are a few other ways to sideload Stremio on Firestick. If you have ES File Explorer installed, you can download and install it using ES File Explorer as well.

How to Install Stremio Add-ons on Firestick

Stremio contains several for streaming free TV shows and movies on your Firestick. With the below simple steps, you can download the best Stremio Add-ons on Firestick.

1. Open the Stremio application and tap the Add-on option on the left.

Netflix on Firestick : Tap on Add-ons

2. Choose the Category and click on the Community option.

3. Pick out the required add-on from the list.

Netflix on Firestick : Install Add-ons

4. Tap on the Install button and confirm it.

5. After the installation, you will get the Add-on Installed notification.

Stremio Not Working on Firestick: How to Fix It

Sometimes, you may face errors like a black screen, freezing, and lagging issues while streaming Stremio on Firestick. For that, you can try some troubleshooting ideas to resolve the problem.

  • Parsing the package error may solve the corrupted Apk file issues.
  • Update the Stremio application to the latest version and also update the Firestick.
  • Clear the Cache of the Stremio application to remove the temporary bugs.
  • Restart the Firestick device to refresh your device.

Features of Streamio App on Firestick

  • Provides Personalized Recommendations.
  • Restrict annoying Ads while streaming.
  • Access Stremio without registration.
  • Discover new movies and TV shows without fuss.
  • It also comes with Google Chromecast support.


Stremio is partially legal because it also has illegal Add-on content. So, make sure to watch the content in the public domain.

Can I install Stremio on the Android TV box?

Yes, if you have sideloaded the Android TV box on your Fire TV, then you can install the Stremio app directly on the Google Play Store.

Is VPN necessary for Stremio?

If you are watching the Bit torrent content on Stremio, then it is extremely necessary to get the best VPN.