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RARBG Addon Stremio – How to Install RARBG Addon on Stremio?



RARBG Addon Stremio

Stremio Addons can extend stremio with the content So that adding items to Discover or providing the sources to stream the contents from. Unlike regular software plugins, Stremio addons do not run inside Stremio, but they are hosted separately accessed through the HTTP over the network. Multiple Addons can be enabled providing you more content, without the installation or security risks. RARBG Stremio Addon is the Stremio integration of the RARBG torrent site. It is widely shown as the best torrent site for videos and TV shows, and it makes you realize the use of Stremio Addon.

RARBG Addon Stremio

How To Install RARBG Stremio Addon?

Step 1: First search for the Stremio in your device’s app store and then install it on your device. 

RARBG Addon Stremio

Step 2: Just launch the app by tapping the app icon, then select login and then Guest Login to start streaming. To use the services across multiple devices and then save things such as Playlists, installed Add-ons, watched Videos you have to create an account in Stremio.

RARBG Addon Stremio

Step 3: Once you are logged in, then select the options tab on the top left corner of the window. 

RARBG Addon Stremio

Step 4: Then Select Addons.

Click on Addons

Step 5: Now select the Official tab.

Click Official

Step 6: Select Community Addons.

Select Community Addon 

Step 7: Then Scroll down and click install on the RAR addon as well as any others that you would like to add. RARBG addon is successfully installed on Stremio.

RARBG Addon for Stremio

Step 8: Return to the homepage and choose a title and then select your preferred source to start watching it.

How to install RARBG Addon on Stremio

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Stay Safe when Using Stremio

Unofficial Add-ons in the streaming apps and websites such as the Stremio have been getting plenty of media attention that recently. The major downside is that private information is at a risk. It is highly recommended to use the VPN to encrypt the internet traffic and hide your IP.

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