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Stremio Addons – Ultimate Stremio Addons for Movies & TV Shows



Stremio Addons

Stremio is the hub for video content aggregation. You can discover, organize, and watch videos from all kinds of sources on any device that you own. It allows you can watch Movies, TV Shows, Series, Web channels such as YouTube, live television, and You can find all these contents on Stremio. It is one of the largest video aggregations on the market. This app supports all the major operating systems. It also has an enormous amount of Ultimate Stremio Add-ons, which provides you with plenty of content to watch comfortably. The following are the best Stremio Addons that give you a better experience in watching your favorite shows. 

Stremio Addons

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Stremio Addons

Netflix is the most popular video streaming service that is used by millions of people all over the world. Netflix Addon is the official Stremio addon that enables you to stream comfortably with the subscription-based service. With the Stremio Netflix addon, you can still able to stream the Netflix shows without buffering.  With this app, you can watch all the Netflix Movies and Series easily.


Stremio Addons

DTube is now available on Stremio. It is the decentralized video streaming platfrom that is linked to the STEEM blockchain. The DTube is meant to be the YouTube alternative, and it enables the users to watch, comment, upload and share videos easily while at the same time earning in the form of cryptocurrency. You can easily monetize your videos with the steem blockchain. 

Open Subtitles

Stremio Addons

Open Subtitles is the official add-on for subtitles from OpenSubtitles, in which you can get subtitles for almost all the Movies and Shows. Open Subtitles has an enormous amount of subtitles for plenty of movies, that enables you to watch movies in various languages without any hassle. 

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Best Community / 3rd Party Stremio Addons

Here are the best Stremio Addons:

Stremio Addons


Stremio Addons

RARBG is the Stremio integration of the RARBG torrent website. It is broadly considered as the best torrent site for videos and TV shows, and it only shows how useful the Stremio Addon is.  

Juan Carlos Torrents

Stremio Addons

Juan Carlos is the torrent website, and they have the Juan Carlos Stremio Addon. It enables you to stream movies and TV shows directly from the torrent website hassle-free. With the addon, you will be presented with a great deal of free content and has a wide selection of entertainment options. 

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Popcorn Time

Stremio Addons

Popcorn Time is one of the best free streaming services available in the market. It makes the Popcorn Time Addon one of the best ways to bring you a wide variety of HD contents. With the addon, you can also enjoy unlimited Movie and TV Show that streams directly from the torrent websites such as YTS and EZTV.


Stremio Addons

You can watch your favourite YouTube channels ad-free and It also provides you with the notifications when they provide new videos. YouTube Addon on Stremio is the best way to watch videos on YouTube without any interruptions. 


Stremio Addons

The PirateBay Addon lets you fetch the PirateBay entries on a single episode or series. You can watch all the contents for free through this Addon. 

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Mixer Addon enables you to watch live streams from in the Stremio. It also shows you a list of everyone you are following. You can easily know who is currently live. 

Internet Archive

Stremio Addons

It provides public domain movies found on the Internet Archive. 


Stremio Addons

Zoogle Stremio Addon enables you to watch movies and series that are indexed by the Zoogle from KAT, RARBG, YTS, MegaTorrents and other torrent trackers. 

Ex Addon

Stremio Addons

Ex Addon is a handy addon, that provides few public domain movies. It allows the users to stream a wide range of movies which are available in the public domains. To receive the most options when choosing the source to watch the comfortable contents on Stremio, you can also install the add-ons manually. 

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Best Stremio Live TV Addons

These add-ons let you watch more than 500 IPTV Channels live on your system when you install the below mentioned Stremio add-ons. Some of these channels may be geo-restricted that means that you need the Stremio VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. These are the best Stremio Addons 2019.


Stremio Addons

FilmOn is the official Stremio Addon that features around 600 TV Channels, documentaries, 45,000 free Movies, and many more. It further features social television for free that is far from other Stremio Addon features currently available. 

FilmOn VOD

Stremio Addons

FilmOn VOD is the another on demand service that becomes the official Stremio Addon, that provides free movies, TV Shows and Live TV channels for no cost. But it only shows the old movies and TV Shows due to some copyright issues. 


Stremio Addons

Twitch is the live sports add-ons handy that provides you with the sporting events that happen around the world. You can strema live sporting events. You can watch all the sports events for free with this addon. 

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