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How to Play Retro Games on Windows PC Using Emulators?



Retro Games on Windows PC

Everybody needs something fresh and interesting to spice up our routine. And nothing can be more entertaining than playing video games. But there is nothing entertaining about playing one and the same stuff from day to day. Therefore, players search for new methods to diversify their gaming, and lots of them opt for retro games. Everything new is well-forgotten old, after all! And what about you? You do look covetously at your pals who run ancient legends of Nintendo, Sony PlayStation, or Sega on their PCs or Android devices? Have you ever wondered how they managed to do that? There is no room for guesswork. In this article, we are going to reveal the secrets of playing old-school games on a computer for you. Go on reading not to miss out on the chance to enjoy retro classics today!

Step 1: Have you ever heard of such programs as an emulator? Console games for emulators, maybe? Emulators are special tools designed to perform the functions of old consoles you once used to play Super Mario Bros, Zelda, Kirby, and other classics. As you might have guessed, it’s impossible to make any modern computer to run old games intended for 32- or 64-bit console without the help of those magic tools. So, the first thing you will want to get to immerse into retro gaming is to find a good emulator.

Step 2: Once you are done with selecting the emulator, which can be quite time-consuming and tiring, you may proceed to download it.

  • You have to treat the process of selecting the necessary program seriously and responsibly unless you want to end up dealing with a virus infection. So, when you find the emulator on the reliable online source, press the “Download” button. Make certain to run an antivirus program across the acquired file just to be on the safe side.

Step 3: It was so much fun to help Mario smash the annoying creatures in Super Mario or helping Jumpman to rescue his girlfriend in Donkey Kong! Yes, we had so many exciting moments when playing retro classics. Still, with the new emulator at your disposal, you can stop reminiscing about the good old day nostalgically. It’s time that you started playing them right now. Nonetheless, except for the emulator, there is one more thing you need to get. This thing is the ROM files that represent copies of the data from video game cartridges designed for playing on old consoles.

If you want to download some fresh games for your emulator, avail yourself of the Internet’s help, as usual. Search for the ROMs for your favorite games. You also may want to indicate the system name whose game you’re planning on using when searching for it. Once again, we want to warn you against trusting the suspicious third-party website that offers ROMs for downloading. Once you find the game you were searching for, download it onto your computer. Remember! When it comes to your computer’s safety, you need to be vigilant and choose. Therefore, checking the downloaded ROMs with the antivirus also won’t hurt.

Step 4: Make certain that you have a proper unarchiver program. It’s necessary for decompressing the obtained ROM files that mostly come in .zip or .rar formats. Nonetheless, in some situations, you may be advised to leave the files are they are and just put them into proper folders (which you should create upon downloading the ROMs).

  • Keep in mind that some emulation programs come with the default folder that is designated for storing the downloading games. If you acquire such an emulator, take care that your ROMs go to this particular folder.

Step 5: With the emulator and ROMs you have a full set necessary for embarking on a retrogaming quest. Start your program, access the main menu and select the desired game from it. Now you play retro classics on your PC, too!

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