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How to Clear Cache on Chromecast with Google TV



How to clear cache on Google TV

If you are experiencing issues with app loading or performance on your Google TV, clearing the cache files can be a simple and effective solution. Cache files are temporary data stored on your device to help apps load content faster. However, these files can accumulate over time and may lead to problems. It is one of the troubleshooting tricks to perform to fix up issues if you don’t want to delete an app on Google TV. Clearing the cache on your Google TV not only frees up valuable space but also ensures that outdated or deleted content is removed.

You can clear the cache files on Chromecast with Google TV in two ways. By clearing the cache data, you can fix errors and restore both the app and the device to their optimal performance. In addition, you can enjoy a smoother and more efficient streaming experience.

How to Clear Cache on Google TV

You can delete the cache of each individual app on your Google TV through Apps under the Settings menu.

1. Turn on the Google TV and go to the home screen.

2. Select the Profile icon and choose the Settings option.

Click Settings to clear cache on Google TV

3. Click Apps and select See All Apps to get a view of all installed apps.

Select Apps in Settings

4. Choose the app that you want to clear the Cache data.

5. Scroll down and select Clear Cache to clear the app cache on Google TV.

Choose Clear Cache to delete cache on Google TV

6. Click Clear Data to erase the app data from the TV.

Alternative Way to Clear Cache on Google TV

Instead of clearing the cache for every single app, you can choose to clear the entire device cache data in one go. The Cached Data option available in the internal storage will enable you to clear the complete cache data.

1. Navigate to the Google TV home screen and select your Profile icon.

2. Click Settings and choose the System option.

Select System to clear cache on Google TV

3. Scroll down and select Storage in the System Menu.

Select Storage

4. Choose Internal Shared Storage and click Cached Data.

Select Cached Data to clear cache

5. Select OK to clear the complete cache data on your Google TV.


How to clear memory on Sony Bravia Smart TV?

You can clear the memory on your Sony Bravia TV by deleting the unused apps, clearing cache files & app data, closing the background apps, and resetting the TV to factory settings.

How to improve my Google TV performance?

You can improve your Google TV performance with the following procedure.
1. Restart your Google TV
2. Clear the Cache on your TV
3. Update the Google TV app
4. Install the latest Google TV firmware
4. Close the background apps

How to increase my Google TV storage?

The best way to increase Google TV storage is to delete all unwanted apps and clear the cache data on Google TV. You can also extend TV storage by connecting to an external storage device.

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