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How to Pair Google TV Remote for the First Time



pair google tv remote

Have you recently purchased a Chromecast with Google TV? Then you must pair the Google TV remote with your Chromecast device to navigate and access the content with ease. For that, you must put your device and remote into pairing mode and proceed with the algorithm to pair the remote. Furthermore, you can also use the Google TV app installed on your smartphones to start pairing your Google TV remote control by navigating the TV settings menu.

How to Pair a Chromecast with Google TV Remote

Initially, to set up your Google TV, you have to pair your remote to Chromecast with Google TV manually.

[1] Turn on your Chromecast with Google TV and press the Pairing button on the back of your device. Now, it will open up the pairing mode and notify your TV screen.

[2] After that, fetch the remote control and press the Back and Home button simultaneously.

Press the Back and Home button simultaneously

[3] Don’t leave the buttons until you see a LED light flashing on the bottom of your remote.

[4] Finally, once the LED flashes, leave the buttons and tap the Home button once to pair the remote with your Google TV.

[5] It will take to you to Google TV’s home screen. From there, you can press each button and check if it’s working properly.

How to Pair a Google TV Remote using Google Home [Alternative Way]

Alternatively, you can also set up your Google TV remote without pressing the Pairing button on your device. You can install the Google Home app on your smartphone to pair up the remote.

[1] Fetch your smartphone and install the Google Home app via App Store or Play Store.

[2] Once installed, open the app and sign in with your Google account.

[3] From the home screen, click the Connect TV option.

Click Connect TV option on Google TV app

[4] Now, choose your Google TV from the list of available devices and pair it up.

[5] Key in the pairing code displayed on the TV screen on your smartphone and click Pair.

Enter the pairing code to pair your Google TV

[6] When the pairing is done, you can use your smartphone as a remote control.

[7] After that, use the navigation buttons on the Google TV remote and navigate to the Settings option.

[8] Scroll down and choose Remote and Accessories.

Select Remote and Accessories

[9] Now, click Pair Remote or Accessory.

Click Pair Remote or Accessory option on Google TV

[10] Then, put your remote control in pairing mode by pressing the Back and Home button simultaneously.

[11] When you see the LED light, press the Home button to pair it with your Google TV.

Note: You can also press the Google Assistant button on your voice remote to pair it with your Google TV.

How to Unpair a Google TV Remote

Meanwhile, if you bought a new Google TV remote, you can unpair the old one from your Google TV by following the below procedure.

[1] Launch your Google TV and select the Profile icon at the top right.

[2] After that, select Settings and choose Remote and Accessories.

[3] Now, select your Chromecast Remote from the list of paired devices.

Select your Chromecast Remote

[4] Further, scroll and select Forget to unpair your Google remote. You can also re-pair the same remote with your Google TV.

Click forget to unpair Google TV remote

Can’t Pair Google TV Remote – Best Fixes

Check out the below fixes if you have issues with pairing your Google TV remote.

  • Initially, check the batteries and make sure it’s working properly. If not, replace the batteries with a new one to fix the issue.
  • Factory reset the Google TV remote to remove errors.
  • Make sure to pair your Google TV remote within the specific range to avoid issues.

After pairing your Google TV remote, you can use it to install and access popular streaming applications like fuboTV, Hulu, Prime Video, Netflix, and Plex on your Google TV with ease.


1. How to reset my Google TV remote?

Remove the batteries for 5 minutes and reinsert the battery by pressing the Home button. When the LED light starts to pulse, release the button to reset your Google TV remote.

2. How do I set up my Google remote?

After putting your Google remote into pairing mode, navigate to Settings Remote and AccessoriesPair Remote or Accessory and press and hold the Back and Home button. Once the LED flashes, press the Home button to set up your Google remote.

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