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How to Factory Reset Google TV Remote to Fix Up Issues



How to Reset Google TV Remote

Are you facing trouble with your Google TV Remote? Is your TV remote not responding properly to control Google TV? You can easily come out of these situations through a simple reset of Google TV Remote. The reset option will put the Google TV Remote back into the factory settings. Therefore, you can be able to use them smoothly as you had them during unboxing.

It is important to keep yourself aware that the reset option could be the last troubleshooting option in resolving not working issues. This applies to both resetting Google TV and resetting the TV remote. You can also reset the Google TV Remote for the light not blinking, the volume button not working, can’t access Google Assistant, and keeps on unpairing from Google TV.

How to Factory Reset Google TV Remote

1. Take Google TV Remote and remove the Batteries from the Remote.

Remove batteries from Google TV Remote for reset

2. Wait for some time and long press the Home button on the Remote.

3. Insert the Batteries into the Remote while pressing the Home button.

4. Continue to hold the Home button when the LED Light glows and becomes solid.

5. Release the Home button once the LED light starts pulsating.

How to Connect Remote to Google TV After Reset

The Google TV Remote will connect to Chromecast with Google TV automatically. Suppose it fails to connect, then you have to pair the Remote to your Google TV from the start. There are two ways to pair the Remote with Google TV.

1. Long Press the Back and Home buttons on the Remote for 3 seconds to connect to the Google TV.

Press Back and Home button to pair Google TV Remote

2. The other way to connect is using your Smart Phone. You have to connect your phone to your TV and enable the pairing of the TV remote.

How to Pair Google TV Remote using Google TV App

1. Get the Google TV app on your device from Play Store or App Store.

2. Open the Google TV app and choose the TV Remote option at the bottom.

Click Remote icon to pair Google TV Remote after reset

3. Select your Google TV and scan the QR Code to connect to the TV.

4. Now, using the Google TV app, navigate to the Google TV Settings.

5. Go to the Remote & Accessories and search for Google TV Remote.

Select Remote & Accessories

6. Select the Google TV Remote to pair and control your TV using the remote itself.


How to solve Google TV Remote not pairing?

You can check the Remote batteries for charge availability. Apart from this, you can restart your Google TV and update Google tvOS to the latest version. If none of them solves the issue, you can reset your Google TV Remote.

How to re-pair Remote to Chromecast with Google TV?

You have to press and hold the Home and Back button on your Google TV Remote to re-pair with your TV.

Why is the Google TV Remote light not working?

It might be due to dead batteries, improper pairing, issues with the Google TV updates, or hardware issues in the remote. You can solve all the problems with troubleshooting except hardware issues.

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