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How to Reset Chromecast with Google TV to Factory Settings




The reset term is well-known among smart device users to start from default settings. You can reset the Google TV device whenever you feel that the device is not functioning properly. It is quite common and easy to reset the device whenever you want. Google TV has a Reset option in Settings to restore the device to default settings.

The Reset option will bring the device back to the stage when it is opened from the box. It deletes all the installed apps and downloaded files, removes the paired devices, erases all data and cache files, and discards all the customization options. If you have any important data or media files on your device, you have to take a backup of it before resetting it.

When to Factory Reset Chromecast with Google TV

It is equally important to know when to reset the device on par with how to reset it. You can reset the device on the following instances

  • When the device is not working, not loading, buffering, or freezes
  • Can’t connect to the Wi-Fi
  • Errors due to cache files
  • Wishes to customize the device
  • Reselling or planning to give the device to someone

How to Factory Reset Google TV

1. With Google TV connected to WIFI, select the Profile icon on the Google TV home screen.

2. Click Settings and select System.

3. Move down in the menu and click the Factory Reset option.

Choose Factory Reset

4. Select Factory Reset in the next window to confirm the resetting of Google TV.

Select Factory reset to reset Google TV

5. Click Erase Everything to reset and delete all data on the TV. In case you have changed your decision not to reset, you can select Cancel and continue with the streaming.

Select Erase Everything

You can follow the same steps to reset Smart TV with Google TV OS, such as TCL Smart TV, Sony TV, Hisense, and Philips Smart TV.

Alternative Way: How to Reset Chromecast with Google TV Without Remote

The possible alternate way to factory reset Google tvOS is the hard reset option. In this method, you have to utilize the physical button at the back of the Chromecast with a Google TV device.

1. Make sure that the Google TV device is connected to your TV.

2. Turn on the device and check the TV input.

3. Long Press the button on the Google TV. You can see Yellow LED Light on the device.

Long Press the button on Google TV

4. Release the button when it becomes White, which indicates the TV is about to reset.

You can perform this factory reset method when you cannot access the Google tvOS remote.

What Happens After you Factory Reset Google tvOS

When you perform a factory reset on your Google TV 4K, it will delete all installed apps, data, and cache files. It also restores the settings to default. You have to set up the Google TV device from the start to continue streaming your favorite content.

You have to pair the Google TV remote, connect to the Google Home app, log in to your Google account, and provide your preferred choice for the initial setup. Apart from pre-installed apps, you have to install the required streaming apps from Play Store.

Begin Paring Google TV remote after reset


Is it possible to reset Google TV without a remote?

Yes. You can use the physical button on the Google TV device to get back the factory default settings.

How to fix if the factory reset option on Google TV is not working?

You can restart Google TV to check whether the option is accessible or not. Also, you can update the device to the latest firmware to get the factory reset option.

What to do when Chromecast with Google TV is not working after a factory reset?

You have to set up the device from the start after a factory reset. The device will automatically restart itself after reset. If it is not turned ON, you can turn it on by reconnecting it to the TV.

How to reset Chromecast with Google TV without WIFI?

The best way to reset the TV without WIFI is a hard reset. You can long press the button available on the back of Google TV. Once the light changes from Yellow to White, you can release the button.

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