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How to Delete/Uninstall App on Chromecast with Google TV



Delete Apps on Google TV

Are you struggling to uninstall unwanted apps on your Google TV? Or are you looking for an extensive guide on how to delete apps and games on Google TV? If so, the process is as simple as installing an app on Google TV. Those possibly looking for ways to uninstall an app that clutters up your Chromecast with Google TV will find this section helpful. With this, you can get ready to streamline your Google TV experience and reclaim control over your app collection.

In most cases, Google TV streaming devices and TV users will look forward to removing unwanted apps and games as the device doesn’t have huge specs of RAM and storage. There are two ways to delete applications from Google TV. You can delete the app directly from the device or from the Settings menu. Let’s dive in and learn how to uninstall apps and games on your Google TV device easily.

How to Delete/Uninstall App on Chromecast with Google TV [Direct Method]

1. Go to the Google TV home screen and tap the Apps tab.

2. Open the Your Apps section. Tap the See All button.

Your Apps section on Google TV

3. Here, you will get all the installed apps and games. Navigate to the app or a game that you want to remove from your Google TV.

4. Now, hold the Select button to open the pop-up.

5. Select the View Details option from the pop-up. This will direct you to the app’s overview page on the Play Store.

Click the View Details on app's page

6. Tap the Uninstall button. In the confirmation pop-up, click the OK button.

Tap OK to uninstall the app on Google TV

Note: If the Uninstall button is not available, it means that the app is pre-installed and can’t be deleted on your Google TV.

7. Within a few seconds, the app or game will be uninstalled from your Google TV.

How to Remove Apps from Google TV [From Settings Menu]

1. Open the Settings menu on your Google TV.

Settings on Google TV to uninstall app

2. Scroll down to the Apps option and tap on it.

Choose the Apps on Google TV

3. On the next screen, tap the See All Apps option to get the list of all apps.

Tap See All Apps

4. Now, choose the app or game that you want to uninstall.

Choose the app that you want to uninstall on your Google TV

5. Then, tap the Uninstall button. On the confirmation screen, tap the OK button.

Tap the OK button

6. The chosen app will be removed from Google TV.

How to Uninstall Sideloaded Apps on Google TV

In most cases, the sideload apps or apps that are installed from third-party sources won’t appear on the Your Apps list. If you want to remove those apps, you need to use third-party app managers like Sideload Launcher on your Google TV. Open the Sideload Launcher and choose the app that you want to delete. Then, click the Uninstall Application option to remove the app.

Possible Reasons to Uninstall Google TV App

There are numerous reasons that contribute to the uninstallation of the Google TV app.

  • The storage space of Google TV is low.
  • When the app isn’t responding or opening up.
  • The app is showing bugs or other issues.
  • When the device performance is slow or lagging.


Is it possible to delete pre-installed apps on Sony Google TV?

No, pre-installed apps can’t be deleted from Sony or any other brand of Google TV.

Can I remove apps from Google TV using the Play Store website?

Yes, you can use the Play Store website to delete or uninstall apps on Google TV. However, you need to use the same Google account on the Play Store website to uninstall the app.

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