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How to Update Apps on Chromecast with Google TV




In the world of Google TV, apps play a crucial role in delivering an immersive and personalized streaming experience. Updating apps on Google TV is not only important but also brings a multitude of benefits. It is essential to know how to update apps with respect to the installation of apps on Google TV. When you update apps on Google TV, you will unlock new features, enhance performance, and ensure compatibility with the latest streaming content.

Updating apps on your Google TV allows you to stay in line with the ever-evolving world of entertainment. The app updates are essential for accessing the latest streaming services, enjoying improved user interfaces, benefiting from bug fixes, and maximizing your streaming enjoyment. Let’s explore how you can effortlessly update your app on Google TV, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

How to Update Apps on Chromecast with Google TV

1. Power on the Google TV and navigate to the Google TV Home screen.

2. Select Profile Picture at the top right corner and click Settings.

Click Settings

3. Scroll down and select Apps.

4. Click Manage Updates in the Apps menu and select See Available Updates.

Select Manage Updates

5. Choose Updates and select either of the option based on your requirement.

  • Click Update All to update all the apps on your TV.
  • Select the Specific app and click Update to update the specific app alone.
Select Update All to update all apps on Google TV

Alternative Way to Update Apps on Google TV

You can also access the Google Play Store on your device to update the necessary apps.

1. Go to the Google Play Store on Google TV.

2. Select the Profile Picture and click Manage Apps and Games.

3. Click Updates and select Update All to update all the apps in one go.

How to Auto Update Apps on Chromecast with Google TV

Similar to updating Google TV, you can enjoy the Auto-update option for updating the apps on Google TV. Once you have enabled this option, you can be carefree about app updates on your TV. Google TV updates every app on the device whenever new updates are released.

1. Select Profile Picture on the Google TV Home screen.

2. Click Settings and select Apps.

3. Choose the Manage Updates option and click the Auto-update Apps toggle to enable the Auto-update of Apps option.

Enable Auto-update apps to update apps on Google TV

Alternative Way to Enable Auto Update Apps

Auto-update Apps option is also available in the Play Store Settings of the TV.

1. Select Apps on Google TV and click Play Store to launch.

2. Click Settings and select Auto-update Apps.

3. Choose Auto-update apps at any time to turn on the Auto-update option.


How to update apps on TCL Google TV?

You can update the apps on your TCL Smart TV by visiting the TV Settings. Select Apps >> Manage Updates >> See Available Updates >> Update All.

Can I update apps on Sony TV without Play Store?

When you have Sony Google TV, it is essential to access Play Store for updating apps. In case you have pre-installed apps without any TV OS, then you have to update the TV software to update the apps.

How to update apps on Sony Google TV?

You can enable auto-update on your Sony TV, including Bravia TV, to keep the app always updated. Go to Apps >> Play Store >> Settings >> Auto Update Apps >> Auto Update Apps at any time.

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