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How to Update Chromecast with Google TV Firmware



How to Update Google TV

Google TV has quickly gained popularity among enthusiasts for its exceptional features. It has become a beloved streaming device, providing a reliable and convenient way to access our favorite shows and movies. However, to ensure we make the most of our Google TV experience, it’s crucial to update the device then and there.

By updating your Google TV, you gain access to the latest features, improved security, and bug fixes. Although full system updates may not occur frequently, regularly checking for updates is still important. These updates bring exciting enhancements, better functionality, and a smoother streaming experience. So, let’s delve into the process of updating your Google TV, allowing you to stay at the forefront of entertainment technology effortlessly.

Possible Reasons to Update Google TV

  • Get an improved User Interface and quick transition between streaming apps.
  • Troubleshooting Google TV not working, not loading, buffering, and other technical glitches.
  • Access to the latest security updates and bug fixes.
  • To update Google tvOS apps all at a time.
  • Before programming Google TV Remote.

How to Update Chromecast with Google TV

1. Go to the Google TV Home screen and click your profile picture icon at the top-right corner.

2. Select Settings from the menu.

Select Settings

3. Scroll down and choose System.

Click System

4. Select About from the system settings.

Choose About

5. Click on System Update to check for updates. Your Chromecast will search for updates automatically.

Select System Update to update Google TV

6. If there is an update available, it will update the TV to the latest firmware.

7. If no update is found, your Google TV is already updated to the latest version.

Thus, you can get the latest version of the Google TV manually through the System Settings. However, there is an auto-update option available to update the software automatically whenever the TV is turned ON.

How to Enable Auto Update on Google TV

Auto-update provides the advantage of updating the Google TV to the latest firmware once the update is released. You can turn on the Auto-update option in the TV settings.

1. Go to Google TV Settings and select System.

2. Click About in System Settings and select Software Update.

3. Turn on the Auto Update toggle to enable the Auto Software Update option.

Click Auto Update to update Google TV


How to update apps on Google TV?

Go to Manage Updates in Apps under Settings of Google TV. Select Update All to update all the apps in one go.

Does updating Google TV troubleshoot issues?

Definitely yes. While updating your Google TV, it will provide fixes for technical glitches and bugs along with security updates. It will be useful in resolving Google TV’s black screen or frozen screen, content not loading, or stops abruptly kind of issues.

How to update Sony Google TV?

To get the latest Sony Bravia Software update, you can visit Settings >> System >> About >> System Software Update. In addition to this, you can also update the Sony TV through USB Flash Drive.

Is updating Google TV firmware a troubleshooting fix?

Yes. The TV firmware update will resolve the following Google TV not working issues efficiently:
1. Google TV WIFI issue
2. Google TV keeps restarting
3. Google TV Black Screen

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