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How to Get YouTube ReVanced APK on Google TV



YouTube ReVanced APK on Google TV

Everyone hates intrusive advertisements, especially while watching our favorite videos on YouTube. Fortunately, you can bypass these interruptions by installing the YouTube ReVanced APK file. However, being a modified version, YouTube ReVanced is not available on your Google TVs integrated Play Store. Instead, you can sideload the APK using Downloader on Google TV or cast the content from your smartphone to watch the YouTube videos without interruptions. YouTube ReVanced also enhances your streaming experience by unlocking premium features like background playback and other customization options. Stay back a little bit and learn how to get the YouTube ReVanced APK on your Google TV within minutes.

What’s on YouTube ReVanced APK?

The following are the features one should look into with the installation of YouTube ReVanced APK on Google TV.

  • Enjoy YouTube videos without any intrusive ads.
  • Play YouTube videos in the background while using other apps or when the screen is off.
  • Watch videos in a small floating window while using other apps on your device.
  • Download YouTube videos to watch them offline at your convenience.
  • Set your preferred default video quality for playback.
  • Listen to the audio of YouTube videos without the video playback.
  • Customize the app’s theme, layout, and other settings to suit your preferences.
  • Sign in to your Google account to access personalized recommendations and subscribed channels.
  • YouTube ReVanced offers additional privacy features, such as the ability to disable tracking and remove search history.
  • Access a variety of advanced settings and options not available in the official YouTube app.

YouTube ReVanced APK Plans & Pricing

Fortunately, YouTube ReVanced APK doesn’t include subscription or membership plans for their platform. Therefore, users can stream the videos on ReVanced APK, similar to the official YouTube app for free.

How to Sign Up for YouTube ReVanced APK

1. Install the YouTube ReVanced APK on your smartphone.

2. Launch the app and select Sign In.

3. Enter your YouTube account credentials.

4. Select Continue to complete the sign-in process.

5. Once you sign in, you can start streaming the videos.

YouTube ReVanced APK on smartphone

How to Cast YouTube ReVanced APK to Google TV?

As YouTube ReVanced is unavailable on the Play Store of Google TV, you need to cast the videos from your smartphone.

1. Connect Google TV to home WIFI and use the same WIFI on Android/iOS smartphones.

2. Install the YouTube ReVanced APK on your smartphone from trusted online sources.

3. Launch the YouTube ReVanced APK on your device.

4. Choose to play a video and click on the Cast icon. If you can’t find the Cast icon on the app, head to Notification Panel and tap Screen Cast.

Cast YouTube ReVanced APK to TV.

5. Select your Google TV name and watch the content on your TV.

Note: Unfortunately, YouTube ReVanced APK doesn’t have a web version, and you can cast the video only from your smartphone.

Can I Sideload Paramount Plus on Google TV

Yes. You can sideload YouTube ReVanced as an APK file using the Downloader on Google TV. For this to work, you have to enable Unknown Sources on the TV Settings as the pre-requisite.

Compatible TVs

The following are the TV brands that manufacture Google TV, and upon purchasing it, one can watch YouTube ReVanced on the TV.

  • TCL Google TV
  • Hisense Google TV
  • Sony Google TV
  • Philips Google TV

Is YouTube ReVanced APK Geo-Restricted?

No. YouTube ReVanced APK is available to users worldwide. However, we suggest users rely on the best VPN for Google TV, such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, to secure their privacy while streaming.


Can I Cancel YouTube ReVanced APK Subscription/Free Trial

As YouTube ReVanced APK doesn’t have a subscription or free trial period, users don’t need to worry about canceling their subscriptions or the trial period.

Customer Support

In unfortunate cases, YouTube ReVanced APK may not work on Google TV. The cause may vary, and it can be fixed upon performing basic troubleshooting. However, when they don’t give you a hand, you may reach out to YouTube ReVanced Help Page for general and technical help.

Upon following the instructions, you may be able to stream YouTube ReVanced on Chromecast with Google TV without issues.


1. Is YouTube ReVanced APK available on Google TV?

No, YouTube ReVanced is not available on Google TV. On the contrary, you can sideload and use the YouTube ReVanced app on Google TV.

2. What are some of the alternatives to YouTube ReVanced APK?

Some of the alternatives to YouTube ReVanced APK are NewPipe, SkyTube, FreeTube, and more.

3. Is YouTube Vanced legal?

No, being a cracked version, YouTube ReVanced is not legal to install and use on your devices.

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