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FastestVPN entered the VPN industry in 2017 and has already become a force to be reckoned with. We only choose those companies for our review that are dominating the market in terms of sales, market share and overall awareness. Fastest VPN fits our description perfectly as they have a solid market share as they have clients all over the world, even though they were founded back in 2017. We wanted to know why this particular company has achieved such expedited growth in a matter of years and whether they come as advertised.

What Sets FastestVPN Apart From the Rest of the Pack?

In our FastestVPN review, we have analyzed the company including its culture, ethics and approach to their services. We then tested each feature and ran a speed test to determine just how efficient this service provider really is. The very first profound feature of this company that we learnt during our FastestVPN review is the fact that they are located in the Cayman Islands. This is governed by strict data protection laws which do not even allow banks to share client details with any third party.

Since Cayman Island does not have any data retention laws, FastestVPN does not log any of their client’s data! Yes, this means that you can browse the internet without ever worrying that FastestVPN is logging your information as they abide by a zero data logging policy. Other service providers have to log off their client’s data due to the laws that govern their states. They are legally obliged to log their client’s information, even though they might not share it with other parties.

FastestVPN Now Offers a Router

We have reviewed many different VPN providers but FastestVPN may be the only one that offers a router. This router is honestly a game-changer and proves just how much they care about their client’s experience. For our FastestVPN review, we configured ten devices to the router with great ease and tested each device which worked seamlessly. We were also surprised to learn that FastestVPN does not charge their clients extra for any additional device that is connected to the router.

Besides allowing clients to configure multiple devices to the same network, the router itself provides its own layer of protection. This increases the overall integrity of the network by adding an additional layer of security. The data shared by each connection is tunnelled and encrypted to ensure that no third party can gain access to the information.

Other VPN providers charge extra for any additional connection and this can really make the whole package quite expensive, especially for businesses or users who want to connect using multiple devices. Offering a router with their services is a feature we simply could not get enough off in our FastestVPN review. One thing to note is that the router is a separate purchase, it does not come with the subscription. Though you get FastestVPN lifetime subscription with the router.

Price Review of FastestVPN

At the end of the day it all boils down to the prices offered by FastestVPN as this industry is quite saturated in terms of pricing packages and any new company has to set competitive prices to survive. However, FastestVPN has set a new standard in the market with its affordable prices to buy VPN with high-quality services. Here’s a little glimpse into the prices they offer, to help you gain a better understanding.

1 Year Plan

  • $2.49 / month
  • $29.95 / year
  • Save 75%

1 Month Plan

  • $10 / month
  • $120 / year
  • $0.83 / month
  • $49.95 for 5 years
  • 92% savings

If you take a moment to compare these prices with other competitors, you will see just how affordable these prices are. If that’s not enough, we thoroughly checked their pricing strategies in our FastestVPN review and were happy to learn that there are no hidden costs. After the initial payment, you do not need to pay a single penny unless you choose to increase the time plan of your subscription. We have reviewed multiple competitors and there are many different costs which are unforeseen.

Kill Switch and Ad Blocker

Many users do not know this but your data can easily be exposed if VPN connection is lost temporarily. To protect your data, FastestVPN has a kill switch feature which will ensure that even if your VPN connection suddenly disconnects, your data will still be protected no matter what. Another feature worth mentioning is their Adblocker, this feature not only blocks advertisements but also pop-ups which may ruin your browsing experience.

Optimized File Sharing

Most businesses which use VPNs also have to share huge amounts of data in a secure and efficient manner. For this reason, we tested the FastestVPN server and found out that it has actually been optimized with P2P for seamless file sharing. These servers allow users to share data in a seamless and secure manner, which is perfect for businesses and single users as well.

Malware Protection

Malware is one of the most commonly used techniques hackers use to infiltrate a network. These hackers include malware into files which appear to be safe but once the user downloads the file, the hacker instantly gains access to their network by corrupting the entire system.

This is exactly why FastestVPN has included a malware protection feature so that users can download files without having to worry about hackers or viruses. Each file is scanned before the download begins and if a threat is detected, the user will immediately be notified.

To sum up FastestVPN Review

After evaluating FastestVPN from many different aspects, we highly recommend this service provider. Their prices are affordable, services are perfect and features are simply worth every single penny. We also checked out their customer service and have nothing but praise for the trained professionals who took our queries with impeccable professionalism and courtesy.

We are quite sure that this company will continue to grow and will eventually become a pioneer in the industry with its unique approach to VPN services.

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