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VPN for Android | How to Setup and Use VPN on Android?



Google’s Android has the largest installed base of smartphones, all over the world, with more than a billion daily active users, It has plenty of VPN apps, which are used for private browsing. Most of the best VPN providers have dedicated Android apps, while the smaller number lets you set up the service through the manual configuration-although, of course, some offerings don’t have mobile support at all. Many of the VPN providers have been developing apps for mobile platforms, primarily for Android. So that you can protect your internet connection whenever you wish. Just like the internet traffic which you send from your home or work computer, the traffic which you send from your phone should be protected a VPN provides that protection. You can keep people from spying on your internet activities without any hassle. The VPN for Android Bypasses geo-restrictions, which is very useful for streaming Netflix. The application lets you send the torrent files without reprisal. It lets you keep your personal data more secure in no time. You can protect your anonymity online easily. You might not think that you have any reason to hide the internet traffic coming from your phone, But you can send texts, emails, and photos from it.

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VPN for Android

VPN for Android protects your privacy and keeps you safe from third-party tracking. You can unblock geographically restricted websites. No registration is required and no settings are required for this application. There are no speed and bandwidth limitations for using this application, It is much simple and easy to use with a single tap. Root access is not required for using this application. You can encrypt your internet traffic easily through this application. Many of the VPN apps, doesn’t require any registration. The VPN works with WiFi, LTE, 4G, 3G, and all the mobile data carriers. It encrypts data using the OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP ). The app allows you to choose between tons of different servers So that you can protect your privacy by changing your location at any time you wish. The no-logging policy of the Android VPN app lets you browse without leaving any traces. There is no usage and time limit for using this application. It doesn’t require any additional permissions.

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How to Setup and Use VPN on Android

Just follow the steps below to know how to use VPN on your Android.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Step 2: On the top of the screen you can see the search box.

VPN for Android

Step 3: Just type the name of the VPN in the search box and tap the search button.

Step 4: Now the specified VPN and its related applications will be displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Just tap the VPN, which you wish to install, and then tap the install button to start downloading the application.

Step 6: After downloading the application it will be directly installed into your Android smartphone.

Step 7: Now you can launch the application by simply tapping the app icon on the screen.

Step 8: After launching the application, Just agree to the terms and conditions of the application.

VPN for Android

Step 9: Now you can provide your details to register it with your mail-id. The registration may differ from application to application, Some of the apps don’t require any registration.

Step 10: You can enable the VPN by simply tapping the “connect button” (It may vary from VPN to VPN) on the screen. You can disconnect is any time by simply tapping the “disconnect button”

VPN for Android

Step 11: The app interface lets you connect to the different servers easily with a single tap.

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