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VPN for China | Top 5 Best VPNs In China 2022



VPN for China

Online Scrutiny from the China authorities seems to be getting tighter in recent years. That’s why getting the best VPN has become invaluable for residents and visitors to get access to restricted online content. VPN has become the commonly used method for the likes of the emigrants and those in the academic circles in China to get around the state’s high strict policies regarding online content. When you are looking to access restricted websites then downloading the VPN for China is the solid solution. Although the country routinely battles against VPN services and recently enacted a ban against VPN services not approved by the government. And some VPN providers are continuing to offer the service to people within China.

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VPN for China

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Top 5 Best VPNs In China 2022


VPN for China

ExpressVPN is the best all-around VPN for China, which has more than 1500 servers in 148 different countries. expression allows you to work in China with any device-wide range of China-Optimized servers. It allows three simultaneous connections to your devices. It is one of the most popular VPNs in China, it navigates around the Great Firewall. ExpressVPN has a wide array of server locations, which enables you to get service in different locations. It also gives you greater speed.

  • A bit more expensive than rivals
  • Only 3 simultaneous connections

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VPN for China

VyprVPN is a highly secured VPN without third parties. One of the main advantages of the VyprVPN is its proprietary Chameleon security protocol which can help bypass VPN blocking, scrambling OpenVPN packet metadata to ensure it’s safe from the tendrils of the deep packet inspection. There is some logging with regards to the connection times and IP addresses. VyprVPN is the tier-1 VPN network, which means the outfit owns all of its servers. It also provides good support for mobile operating systems, VyprVPN has a 24/7 live chat for troubleshooting, which would be a great thing for anyone who needs the support.

  • Nifty Chameleon security protocol
  • Impressive Speeds
  • Some logging (connection times, IPs)
  • No refund policy

Buffered VPN

VPN for China

Buffered VPN offers a rather enjoyable experience that is easy to set up. There is no native mobile support offered by this VPN, which is a great drawback. But you can connect up to five devices simultaneously. The company offers detailed guides for configuring mobile manually, it won’t be ideal for beginners. There are many servers in Asia, which makes for reliable and speedy performance, and you get round-the-clock technical support. One of the cool features of this VPN is that it offers a refund policy, which is valid for up to 10 hours, 100 sessions, or 10GB of bandwidth.


  • Good performance
  • Refund terms allow up to 10GB of usage
  • No mobile support
  • A tad expensive


VPN for China

AirVPN is the upfront service with an engaging forum community. It is not surprising when you find out that it’s operated by activists and hacktivists in defense of net neutrality and other online freedoms, laudable causes indeed. The website lists all the available servers and their current load. The number of server locations is low, admittedly, although seven are located in Asia. The service offers solid and reliable performance, even if signing up and getting going is a bit of a hassle. AirVPN has reasonably priced plans which will be affordable to many people.


  • Reliable and solid performance
  • 3-day plan to test the waters
  • Scant server coverage
  • Could be more user-friendly


VPN for China

StrongVPN is one of the favourites among the visitors and exp7ats in China. It supports the most popular platforms with detailed manual setup instructions for others. This VPN has a decent number of server locations and has no problems navigating around the Great Firewall, with the connections proving reliable and pretty fast to boot. It provides you with the security of up to 2048-bit encryption, along with the StrongDNS, the company’s own solution to protect against DNS leaks. There is also a time limit for two simultaneous device connections which spoils the fun just a little.


  • Fast performance
  • Tight security with StrongDNS
  • Windows client is poorly designed
  • A little overpriced

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