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What is Cyber Security for Individual Users?



Cyber Security, as the name suggests, it is a set of security features to protect systems from Cyber-crimes, who are prevalent in the digital world. Cybersecurity acts as a shield against online crimes such as directed to either steal, destroy or change important data from the systems. The motivation behind these criminal activities is to extort money from the victim or cause the victim pain or damage their reputation.

It is very common for a person to keep multiple devices and all of them interconnected so if one device gets corrupted, it easy to assume all the devices will get infected. We now use computers and mobile devices to perform a lot of online and offline activities and even depend on these technologies to carry out daily chores like online shopping or registering on government websites or stay connected to loved ones via social media platforms. Online applications require personal information such as home address, social security number and credit card information, cybercriminals can steal such data if we do not take adequate preemptive measures.

Importance of Cybersecurity:

Increasing security on our systems means increased protection around the important data that we possess. Strong Cybersecurity means adding layers of protection on computers, mobile devices, networks and data. There are a lot of companies that offer security product for your systems like Malware protection software, Anti-virus, Firewall protection system. Cisco has a unified threat management system that detects all the threats and saves the system from their occurrence. Meanwhile, VPN, not the free ones, offers an online security system that helps in combating any threat that exposes us to, while using the Internet.

Cautious Approach

Before going any further it is important to understand that we have to help our self in combating online crimes by taking some precautionary measures such as keeping strong passwords, avoid surfing on corrupt websites, not to get tricked by email scammers and keeping backup for the data, as well not to share our personal information on non-secure websites.

Types of Malware


Viruses can attach themselves to files that you may think are not corrupt but once we download those files, these viruses can enter our system and damage the data we have stored on the storage of our device.


Spyware are software that monitors all the activities we perform over the Internet and report all of them back to its creator or the hacker.


Ransomware encrypts your files send the decryption key to the hackers, so they can ask you ransom to release your information from their control.


Phishing is another type of threat to us hackers using this tactic aims to steal information such as credit card numbers by sending us emails pretending to be some reputable or well-known organization.

Role of VPN in Cyber Security?

VPN provides multi-layer protection technology to your system. Premium VPN’s like CASVPN offer features that can not only provide you with security but also keep your privacy intact. Some CASVPN features include;

  • Malware defence
  • NAT-Firewall
  • Ad-blocker
  • Data encryption
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Intrusion Preventions System
  • Protection for D-Dos Attacks
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 24/7 Human support

VPN provides a secure tunnel through which our data or traffic moves on the internet. These tunnels protect us from hackers, snooper, spying eyes, and ISP or anyone looking to steal our data. It encrypts the data from our system and later decrypted at VPN Server, therefore no one in the middle knows what is being transmitted and where it is being transmitted.

VPN also has the technology to hide our IP address and location and replace them with any remote server that we choose from the list of servers they offer. CASVPN has a huge Infrastructure with 57 different countries and 150+ different locations to choose from for our online security.

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