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Start Playing NES Games on your Windows Computer



It is not without reason that we still associate Nintendo with entertainment and fun. Back in the day, we used to spend long hours with this console, playing the games that have already become legends. Do you know that currently, you can relieve the happy moments with the help of special programs that make it possible to run retro games on your PC or any other device? We are not going to dwell on the functions of such programs, called emulators, in this article. Instead, we’ll tell how you can start playing NES classics on your comp using the FCEUX emulator. If you find it necessary, you may use this guide for installing any other emulator you think is more suitable for your PC. The procedure of downloading and installing emulation software is pretty similar for different emulators. So, let’s start!

NES Games on PC
NES Games on PC

NES Games on your Windows

First of all, you’ll need to download the FCEUX emulator from the official website. Just google for it, and you’ll be provided with the necessary link to this online source. On the site, search for the “Download” section, where you’ll be able to find the program you need. Then, you’ll be automatically redirected to a page hosting the emulator files. You’ll be required to download the win32 binaries files.

  • Our guide is oriented toward Windows users by default. Nonetheless, if you’re using Mac or Linux, there is no need to give up on FCEUX. Mac and Linux users are recommended to avail themselves of the emulator’s SDL version, instead of the Binaries offered for Windows. Though the functionality of the SDL version will be a little bit inferior to that of the Binaries, but this version is able to run the majority of popular NES games without any noticeable defects.

Press the “Download” button, and wait a little while for the download process to finish. After that, you’ll be able to find the new file in your Download folder or elsewhere you decided you save it.

We suggest that you spare some room for FCEUX and everything that comes with it on your hard drive and create the NES folder. Don’t forget to create a separate folder within the already created one for storing the NES games (ROMs).

If you don’t know what website to use for downloading ROMs, you can avail yourself of our recommendation and get what from want from RomsMania. Just visit the website, find your favourite game, click and download NES ROMs to your computer in the blink of an eye.

You also may want to put your emulator files in the individual folder and name it in accordance with its content. Thus, you’ll be able to find all the files when it’s necessary.

The newly created folder should look somewhat like this:

NES Games on PC
NES Games on PC

Next, you’ll be required to unpack the zipped file containing your emulator. It won’t be necessary to tinker with the decompression. Just select the folder’s content and drag it into the emulator folder you created earlier:

NES Games on PC
NES Games on PC

Now it’s high time that you put the downloaded games into the ROM folder.

When you’re ready with that, make sure to open the emulator folder and double-click the .exe file:

NES Games on PC
NES Games on PC

Next, you’ll need to prompt your emulator to look for available ROMs. To do it, select the “File” option and click “Open.” Alternatively, press the combination of CTRL and O. Once you’re done, navigate to your ROMs directory. Open any NES game to test it. From now on, the program will be using the ROM directory you have specified.

At this point, you can start playing games on the FCEUX emulator, provided that you’re fine with using the default configuration. Still, if you want to configure the keys, go to the Config menu and choose “input.” Press the “Configure” button and configure your virtual controller to your liking.

NES Games on PC
NES Games on PC

Go try your new emulator out!

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